Started in 2016


The Ix Programming Language

Started in 2012

Ix is a draft object-oriented meta-language that will compile to languages such as C, C++, Java, C#. Ix is a reboot of the concept of a C with classes type language.

See: www.ixlang.org


Started in 2010

Page Centric is a light weight PHP front-end framework for developing web applications.

See: www.pagecentric.org


Started in 2007 (originally called Code-flow)

Visuocode is a visuospatial programming environment for Java that runs on Mac OS X.

See: www.visuocode.com


Started in 2003

'build' is a cross-platform build tool designed to facilitate easy and efficient compilation and testing of large software projects using C++ and now also Java.

See: www.buildtool.net

Securizant OS

Started in 2001

The original aim of the Securizant Linux Project was to develop a linux distribution for the security-aware Linux power user. The initial focus was be to provide a small, core Linux distribution best suited for those who like to roll their own application software. Due to the advent and popularity of the Ubuntu Linux operating system, which largly accomplished that original aim, the aim and goals for the Securizant OS project changed. Securizant was actively developed until ~2013, but has since been on a hiatus. Active development is intended to resume in the near future (it is now late 2016).

See: www.securizant.org

Open XDS (Cross-platform Development Suite)

Started in 1998 (originally called Open OCL (Object Class Library)

Open XDS is a collection of cross-platform C/C++ and Java libraries.

See: www.openxds.org